Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Merritt at 10 Months

The months are ticking by fast!  It's hard to believe that it's already time to start planning Merritt's first birthday party.

At 9 months, Merritt started to do the traditional crawl that I wasn't sure she would ever do.  She no longer does the army crawl at all.  She even started cruising around this month.

She loves her monkey, which is in her lap in these pictures.  It is by far her favorite toy or stuffed animal.  Her face lights up when she sees it, and when she gets a hold of it, she hugs it so tightly.  She and Sims have the same monkey, which may be why she loves hers so much.  She loves anything that is Sims'.  We even bought an extra monkey to have on hand, just in case something happens to one of them.

By 9 months, we had also gotten to the point where we couldn't put the month sticker on her belly anymore.  She immediately ripped it off of her.  Hence, the sticker on the chair.

Now at 10 months, she is cruising around like a champ. 

She is incredibly quick and gets into everything!  You really can't turn your back on her for an instant.

She is getting good at eating puffs and peas by herself.  Many of them end up on the floor, but she will get more to her mouth than on the floor!  I've noticed that she seems to prefer veggies to fruit.

Of course, she still loves to suck her thumb.  What a cutie-patootie!

On a side note, the dress that Merritt is wearing in her 10 month pictures was made by her great grandmother (Jason's father's mother) for her Aunt Tina.  Isn't it adorable?