Monday, March 12, 2012

Almost Finished

We are getting really close to having the kitchen complete.  There are plenty of items on the punchlist, but the kitchen is usable again! 

We were supposed to be able to move back in to the kitchen this weekend, but that didn't happen due to many reasons.  We were able to use the oven for the first time though, and I ended up burning the food because I forgot about it.  Oops.  A great way to start off, I know.  At least it was just a toasted cheese sandwich for Sims, and it was easy to redo.

I will have to admit that I am ready for this all to be over, so I can have my house back.  Right now, we still have our pantry cabinet in our living room, and the house is just a wreck.  I'm done. 

Renovations are stressful, and I think I have quite a few new gray hairs to prove it.


  1. It looks well worth all your hard work! I love your choice in counter top.

  2. Sorry to hear it has been so stressful, but I have to say, it looks gorgeous!!! Before long it will be a beautiful, relaxing kitchen where everyone will want to congregate!