Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day, thanks to my sweet guys.  Jason surprised me with a big breakfast, including made-from-scratch biscuits, before we headed to church.  We hadn't been to church in weeks, since we have either been out of town or had visitors every weekend since Easter.  It was so nice to get back to our routine and see some of our church friends.

In the afternoon, we did yard work, which I know might not sound like a great way to spend Mother's Day, but that's what I wanted to do.  I'm no gardener.  (You should see our yard and lack of grass, once again.)  But since we hadn't had a chance to weed and mulch parts of the yard, I knew that it better get done, or the weeds were going to take over.  The weather was wonderful, and we all enjoyed spending time outside.  Sims even helped a little and pointed out all the worms and bugs.  And the backyard looks some much more inviting.  It's amazing what some mulch can do!

Jason and Sims spoiled me rotten with flowers (hydrangeas - my favorite!), books and gift cards. (Yay! I have an excuse to buy some much needed clothes!)  They did this even though I told Jason I didn't need anything for Mother's Day.  One of the fantastic things about having a toddler is that I feel appreciated every day.  I certainly didn't feel the need to make a big deal about Mother's Day.  I know that will change in a few years, but for now, every day is kinda like Mother's Day in my house.  Yep, I'm pretty blessed.

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  1. Not to forget that Sims told you "Happy Mother's Day" three times in church and sang the Mother's Day song.