Monday, January 14, 2013

New Year's Goals - 2013

I have seriously debated whether to even write about my goals for this year.  You see, I didn't do so well on last year's goals.  It's kind of embarrassing.  I accomplished the first part of my first goal, and part of my 7th goal.  Let's just forget about the ones in between.

So my goal this year is going to be much simpler: Be more creative.  There it is.  No specifics.  Just an intent to do more creative things and surround myself with more creativity.  This is actually a family goal and not just a personal one.

Considering that we now have Photoshop at home and a writing tablet to go with it, I think we have started the year right.  Not to mention our trip to the art museum yesterday.  This may actually be a goal I can accomplish.  There are 11 and a half more (long) months to go though...

As an aside note, it was so funny to hear what Sims said about the art we saw.  "What is this?  Art?," which is what he said about a piece of modern art.  "He has no clothes, and he has no clothes," he said when walking past a group of statues.  He pointed at each one as he said this very matter-of-factly.  "No clothes.  No clothes.  No clothes."  I think he got a lot out of the trip.


  1. I think one of those statues was an emperor of some sort ;)

    1. He should have said, "New clothes," then. ha!

  2. There are many times I have thought the exact thing, " Is this art?" Maybe he is on to something.

    I love the "No clothes. No clothes." So funny.