Friday, February 20, 2015

Valentine's Day

I can't believe that Valentine's Day was last weekend.  It seems like it was ages ago already!  I guess that's what happens when you have a week filled with sleet, snow and record cold temperatures.  Sims has only been to school for half a day this week.

This year, Sims decided that he wanted to get pre-made Valentine's cards for his classmates.  It kind of made me a bit sad, but I got over it quickly, since I still had Merritt's to do.  Merritt is in the one year old class, so I had to think of something that wouldn't be a choking hazard.  After a quick search of some stores, I decided that she would give her classmates crayons.  I found some fat ones that are easy for little ones to hold, and then I found a printable valentine to go with it.  Super easy!

We had one Valentine's family activity that I was pretty excited about it.  I have always struggled to find a fun way to celebrate Valentine's as a family without it just being about sweets.  (Of course, we started off Valentine's morning with a run to Duck Donuts for "special breakfast" as Sims calls it.)

At Christmas time, I bought a gingerbread house kit, but we never got around to building it.  Sims had built and decorated one at his school, so it didn't seem as crucial for us to do it at home.  Christmas came and went, and we still had the kit.  Then we had the brilliant idea of making it into a Valentine's gingerbread house!  We bought some Valentine's candy to supplement the candy that came with the kit.  Sims decorated it with only a little help from my mom.  They had lots of fun doing it, and it is the perfect seasonal centerpiece for our dining room table.

Now I will have a hard time deciding whether we want to do a gingerbread house at Christmas or Valentine's.  Perhaps both?

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