Monday, July 19, 2010

Another weekend at home

It was so nice to have another weekend at home.  We didn't do a lot on Saturday, but I made these wonderful raspberry oat bars. 

Yes, Mom, I made these, before you start asking Jason about how he made them. 

On Sunday we went to church, then we went to Alex and Neely's to go to their neighborhood pool.  We were only at the pool for about a half hour before the thunder made us get out, but we loved it while we were there.  The water was so warm, and Sims really enjoyed being in the water.  I wasn't sure how he would react considering he is not the happiest boy at his swim lessons.  Of course, the indoor pool there is not warm, and I have a hard time getting in with him at the beginning.  Now I know that it's not the pool that he dislikes - it's the cold water.  After that, we went out to dinner with Alex and Neely.  It was another wonderful weekend!

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