Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An ordinary evening

Nothing special happening at our house this week, but here are some pictures of Sims before bedtime last night.

Sims loves to have his picture taken.  As soon as I take a picture of him, he runs to the camera to see the picture. He points at himself and sometimes lovingly head-butts his picture.  I don't exactly understand the head-butting thing.  Maybe he got that from the cats?  Isaac likes to show his affection by head-butting me.  Speaking of Isaac, here is a photo of him last night.

Graham was nowhere to be found, of course, since Sims was running around.


  1. I can't imagine any evening being too ordinary with Sims around. What a happy boy. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the evening.

  2. Look at that baby belly - I love it!!!!!!