Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Autumn Weekend

We didn't make it to the homecoming parade on Friday night.  Jason played golf that afternoon and got home later than we had planned.  We still tried to make it to the parade, but all the roads were closed nearby.  Since it was already halfway over, we decided that parking a half mile away wasn't going to work.  Oh, well, there's always next year.  We ended up going to eat Italian food with the whole family instead, so that makes up for it!

Saturday we all got up and met Alex and Neely for breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  Since the weather was so nice and we were close to the airport, we decided to all go to the observation park and watch the airplanes.  I think this is Sims' favorite place in the whole world!  All the excitement wore him out.  When we left, he fell asleep before we were out of the airport.

Mom and Smith left after lunch on Saturday, and we didn't have any plans.  We spent the afternoon outside hanging out, and Sims helped Jason do some yard work.

Anyone notice that grass?  What a difference a month and a half makes, huh?  Remember the desert we had?  It's gone!  Now we have a lush, green lawn.  Thank goodness for a good lawn company!  (Now, let's pray that we can keep it through the summer drought.) 

Who can say no to this face? This was obviously when I put the camera down to pick him up.

Sunday was filled with church and a church dinner for families with children under 3 years old.  It was really fun.  Sims is getting old enough that he can go play, and we don't have to hover over him every moment.  We can actually spend a little bit of time talking to people.  I feel like we haven't had a chance to catch up with our friends from church recently, so it was great. 

I just had to show off my favorite tree this time of year.  This red maple beauty is one of my favorite things about autumn.  The fact that the top of the tree broke off during a (possible) tornado, while I was sitting in the car 20 feet away, doesn't make me like it any less.  I know that it may not be the prettiest tree during the rest of the year because the trunk is broken at the top, but this red totally makes up for it.  We have lots of trees in our yard, but the others just don't compare with the color of this baby.


  1. i agree with you about this being a beautiful time of the year and the maples are usually the most brilliant of all.

    you sure have a good helper there. i'm sure he'll help keep the yard clean and green.

  2. The yard looks beautiful. I need to come for a visit soon.