Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Sewing Project

Remember when I realized that I had been neglecting my New Year's goal to learn to sew?  Well, I'm working on that now.  I found the cutest fabric, and I decided to make a small pillow for Sims with it.  I decided to try to do an envelope pillow cover, and it was super easy.  The worst part was all the ironing.  The actual sewing part took no time at all.  The entire project only took me one nap-time.

Here is the finished pillow.

The fabric reminds me of 1950s/1960s children's book illustrations, and I love that stuff.  Sims likes to point out the horse and donkey, but he hasn't really enjoyed the pillow more than that.  Maybe he will one day love it more and want to sleep with it.  We'll see.

This project has gotten me really excited about sewing more, and I have been looking at fabric for pillows for our bed and the sun room, and for curtains in the dining room.  I think I may have found some options, but I will need to ponder them for a while to be certain.  I don't want to have fabric regret. 


  1. The dreaded fabric regret- don't I know. RL

  2. I love the fabric! I wish I lived closer so we could work on projects together. Beautiful job :)

  3. p.s. Love the pillow