Thursday, February 16, 2012


This morning, as we were all heading to our cars to leave for work and school, Sims saw some broken sticks on the ground.  He began to tell us that he had hit his head on the sticks.  He had jumped high into the tree (about 15-25 feet, it seemed) and bumped his head on the sticks, and they fell down.  He had also bumped his head on a bird nest, and the baby birds fell out.  The baby birds knew how to fly, so they flew away.  Then they flew back and hit our silver and white cars.  Sims walked over to the silver car and fixed it right away.  Then he got into the white car to fix it, as well.

What an imagination!  We couldn't believe how Sims could just see the broken sticks and come up this story so quickly.  We were truly entertained!

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