Thursday, July 12, 2012


Oh, Ocracoke.  We miss you so much...  We spent the week of the 4th there, just Jason, Sims and I, and we are kind of in mourning now.  Even Sims has been bitten by the Ocracoke bug.  The morning we were leaving to return home, he complained saying, "No.  This is our home."  When we hear train horns now, he says he hears the ferry.  I am so happy that he loves it as much as we do.

Well, needless to say, we had a wonderful week.  We escaped the record high temperatures back home to just plain hot temperatures in paradise.  We spent most of our time at the sound, since we could all enjoy being in the water there.  The sound is so shallow where we were that you could easily walk out a hundred yards and still be standing.  The waves are calm there, and we can just sit and relax.  And we can watch the ferries and other boats go by.  We also enjoyed the beach, but since Sims didn't want to touch the ocean for some reason, it would get really hot, really quickly.  Plus, the sound was a short stroll away from our house.

We stayed in the same house that we stayed in last time, when Sims became a walker.  It was right after his first birthday, and even though he had been taking a few steps here and there for about a month, he wasn't what you would call a walker.  Then as soon as we showed up in Ocracoke, he was walking everywhere.

So we had pretty big hopes for the whole potty training thing to go the same way.  We were expecting to return home with a kid wearing big boy underwear.  Well, that didn't happen.  But it probably made it easier on us to not have to worry about any accidents when we were out and about.

We loved spending July 4th on Ocracoke.  There were a full day of activities that deserve its own post, so I'll write more about that later. 

We took a morning ferry ride to Hatteras to go to breakfast at Orange Blossom Bakery and for Sims to see the Hatteras Lighthouse.  I'm glad that Sims got to see the lighthouse at an age, where he understands what it is and can recognize it in books, pictures, and tchotchkes, but waiting in that long line to get back on the ferry to Ocracoke is kind of miserable.  Just saying.

It was such a relaxing week of hanging out, eating, reading books, and a family dance party.  This week was the first time in a long time that Sims actually danced with me, and he had so much fun.  The next day, he turned the music on by himself and came to me and said, "You wanna dance with me?"  How could I ever say no to that?

We of course took Sims to the Ocracoke lighthouse, which he keeps calling the old lighthouse.  I told him that it is the oldest working lighthouse in North Carolina and the second oldest in the country, so obviously that tidbit of info stuck with him.

Jason and I are thinking that we need to make the effort to go to Ocracoke more often.  It is a long journey there (3 hour drive, then 2 and a half hour ferry ride), but it would still be worth it for a long weekend.  Maybe sometime in the fall?

Oh, to be back in Ocracoke....


  1. I want to go to Ocrocoke - looks divine!!! So glad you all had such a magical week!