Friday, June 29, 2012

Girls Weekend

Neely, Mom and I had the best time in Asheville last weekend.  We got there on Thursday and started our fun off with lunch at the Red Stag Grill at the Grand Bohemian Hotel.

A nice downpour kept us there a little longer than planned, but luckily we didn't have anywhere we needed to be or any little people we needed to entertain.  As soon as it was over, we went out for mani/pedis.

Friday was our day at Biltmore.  Neely had never been (What?!), so we had to go experience all that is Biltmore.  After our tour through the house, we had lunch at the Stable Cafe near the entrance to the house.  We didn't know that a storm was heading our way again, until we were leaving.  We were lucky to make it back to the front door of the house before it starting pouring.  So we took this opportunity to sit on the back terrace of the house and watch the storm for a while.  Then we toured most of the house again - this time without the crowds.  I highly recommend touring it twice in one day (and touring during a storm that scares everyone away).  The second time through we noticed so many details like doors, knobs and hinges that were amazingly detailed.  We had a whole new appreciation for the place afterwards.  We, of course, went to the winery to try out their wine and came home with a couple of bottles.

We had no plan at all on Saturday, so we ate breakfast downtown and shopped around Biltmore Village a little.  We had afternoon tea at Chelsea's and ended the day at The Grove Park Inn.  We listened to a great band, Underhill Rose, in the Great Hall, and Neely and I may or may not have been the only ones dancing the night away.  What can I say?  We love a good dance party.  Even if we're the only ones at the party.

It was a great weekend with my favorite ladies!  I can't wait until next year in Savannah!

(Full disclosure:  We did not stay at any of the hotels where Neely checked us in on Facebook, but we sure had a good laugh about it.)

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