Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Goodbye Shelby, Hello Raleigh!

It's official.  Mom and Smith have accepted an offer on their house in Shelby and are moving to Raleigh.  We are so excited for them to live up here.  We'll get to see them much more often.  I'm excited about being able to so easily grab lunch together or meet for dinner.  Plus, having a shopping partner for fabric stores will be great!  (Back story: While growing up, Mom used to "drag" us to fabric stores often enough that it became a running joke in our family.  Of course, now I love to look at fabric, but I currently have no one with whom to shop. :(  Not for long though!)

I do have to admit that I am sad for them to leave my childhood home and to leave the lake.  But let's be honest.  We don't get to Shelby very often anymore, and we're lucky to get there one time in the summer to really enjoy the lake.  So I would rather have them living near me!

Of course, now I will need to find a new source of my favorite summertime sound: boats.  Anyone who grew up by water will tell you, there is nothing that says summertime fun like the sound of boats going by.  It makes me so happy and relaxed.  So I guess I need to re-start my search for an incredibly cheap summer home on the water in eastern North Carolina (as if that even exists!)

Mom and Smith haven't found a place in Raleigh yet, but we know that the perfect house is out there.  Hopefully, it will come on the market soon and at the right price!

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