Friday, August 3, 2012


Jason and I love the Olympics, so we were excited that Sims is at an age to enjoy it.  We tried to get him ready for it by talking and reading about it.  We found one decent picture book at the library that went along with the theme (Babar's Celesteville Games, which is very similar to the Olympics, even though it ends up being a romance.  Not what I expected for a Babar book!)

Last Friday, we let Sims stay up late to watch some of the opening ceremonies.  He really liked it and even asked to watch the part with the beds again.  Of course, he loved all of the aerial shots of London.  He excitedly pointed out Tower Bridge, Big Ben and Marching Men every time they were shown.

On Saturday, we celebrated the London Olympics by having afternoon tea.

Actually, we didn't have it in the afternoon, we had it for dinner, but dinner tea just doesn't have the same ring to it.  We had 3 kinds of tea sandwiches, tons of fruit, cheese, bite-sized lemon curd pies, scones, Scottish shortbread, Digestive cookies and, of course, tea.  The best part had to be the clotted cream.  Even though Sims refused the clotted cream, Jason and I loved it.

So this week, the TV has been on far more than usual, and we are still really behind on watching some of the events.  (Don't tell me what happened last night in Women's Gymnastics!)  It's been fun to see what Sims does and does not like to watch.  Yea to diving, gymnastics (men and women), cycling and fencing.  Nay to rowing and swimming.  But his favorite are the images of his favorite London sights.  Last night we were watching gymnastics, and he said, "I want to watch the Olympics."  When I told him we were watching the Olympics, he replied, "I want to see Tower Bridge."  I have a feeling he's going to be disappointed when the next Olympics is not in London.


  1. Greetings from London - host of this years Olympics! Did he watch some of the opening ceremony? I'm so thrilled he's remembered so many of the sites we toured this time last year! Everyone I know still refers to them as 'marching men'!! I'm watching the tennis now and hoping to find some last minute tickets to see an event live... fingers crossed! Does this mean we need to take a family holiday in Rio now so we're ready for the next summer Olympics??!!! I'm ready...!

  2. What a wonderful idea! You guys really got into the spirit of things! Wish we could have been there. I watched a lot of it too, while Dick was switching back and forth to keep up with golf! Love you guys!