Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Family Beach Trip

This time last month, my family was lounging in the sand at Holden Beach on our annual beach trip, and it was perfect.  We were happy to have Smith join us this year.  That way he didn't miss out on any of the fun with Sims and Isla.

While we were there, we celebrated Smith's and Jason's birthdays.

With kids around, we did a lot of playing in the sand.  Mom and Smith's good friends, Jim and Betty, visited us for a few days, and we all enjoyed Jim's sand creations.  It even inspired Sims to dig holes in the sand.

In Jim's space shuttle

Of course, all that playing will wear you out!

The kids spent hours in the tidepools out in front of the house, running and splashing and using all their water toys.  The beach trips have definitely changed since Sims and Isla were born, but we still have just as much fun. 

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