Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moving Day

Today is the big moving day for Mom and Smith!  As I write this, the movers are at their house in Shelby packing everything up to be delivered to their new house in Raleigh tomorrow.  We are so excited to have them nearby.  I know they are excited to get settled into their house and have life get back to normal.  Well, at least as normal as life can be now that Mom is retired!

A couple of weeks ago, when they closed on their house up here, I explained to Sims that Gan and Papa Smith would be moving soon to live near us.  He exclaimed, "We are going to live with Gan and Papa?!" I explained it to him a little more, and he asked, "Gan and Papa are going to live next door?"  So, apparently, I didn't explain it all that well.

Welcome home, Mom and Smith!

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