Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Merritt at 4 Months

Merritt is changing and learning fast!  This month she has found her toes and loves to grab them, stare at them, and even put them in her mouth.  Since it's the winter, her feet are usually covered up, so she plays with them the most on the changing table, when they are finally free. 

Everything now goes in her mouth, not just her toes.  Bibs, burp cloths and now toys all go straight to her mouth.

Yes, she plays with toys now!  I think this is a biggie.  Actually, her version of playing is grabbing it and putting it in her mouth, but that's much more than she could do last month.  She is very deliberate about grabbing the toys, and it is so cute to watch.  She works so hard at grabbing them, even though it is getting easier by the day.  Of course, the first thing she does with it is put it in her mouth.

She is rolling over with authority now.  Once she rolls over, she gets bored quickly though.  If she has her arms underneath her to hold her up, she can be happy for a while looking around.  She even took a nap on her belly this weekend because she rolled over into that position and fell asleep.

I think her favorite person in the world is Sims.  She loves to watch him do about anything, and she smiles so big when he smiles at her.  I am so happy that these two love each other so much!

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