Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was fairly uneventful for us, and it really didn't seem like Valentine's Day at all.  Daycare was closed due to the snow, so Sims didn't have a school party or get any valentines from his classmates.  We gave small gifts to the kiddos, but other than that it felt like any other day (where we all stay home, and Jason works the whole day, and I work during nap-time. You know, the usual... Ok, so not like just any other day.) 

This Wednesday Sims' class is having their make-up Valentine's Day party, and he is very excited to give his friends the valentines that he worked so hard to complete.

He decided to give his friends stampers, so I found a cute online printable to go with them.  He really worked so hard writing all of his classmates' names on the valentines.  All 22 of them!  It was great practice for him, and we completed all of them in 2 sittings.  Luckily the snow days helped us with this, since we were a little behind getting them printed.  He had a lot of fun working on them, and he took great care in choosing which stamper to give to each of friends.  So now they are all in clear bags and ready to go.  Check!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!

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