Friday, January 24, 2014

Merritt at 3 Months

Merritt is already 3 and a half months old, and I can't believe it!  It sounds so old and so young at the same time. 

She is such a happy baby, who talks a lot and loves her bouncy seat.  She would bounce herself out of it, if we didn't strap her in.  She goes to sleep at night around 8:00 now.  She easily will soothe herself to sleep.  This has started since she's been able to get her thumb to her mouth.  She is definitely a thumb sucker, like her mama was.  If she doesn't go back to sleep right after her middle-of-the-night feeding, the bathroom fan still comes in handy.  It puts her right to sleep.

She is a huge Sims fan!  She loves to watch him do about anything.  She watches him intently while leaning toward him and smiling so big.

Her hair is coming back in really quickly.  I love how it sticks straight up on top.  It's coming in much darker than Sims hair did. 

She can hold her head up really well now.  Next step - sitting up on her own!  We can tell that she is working on it already.  She always wants to see what is going on.  She prefers to be held where she can face out and see everything.

Her transition to day care has been seamless.  They have a bouncy seat, so she is happy.  She has no problem taking a bottle.  This girl loves to eat!

Throwing up some mystery gang signs

Here are some of her 2 month pictures for comparison.

What a difference a month makes!  She is growing so fast, and we are enjoying every moment!


  1. savor every moment....

  2. Too cute for words! Can't wait to see you all again!