Tuesday, January 7, 2014

October Recap

I know it's way past October, but I didn't want to forget all the activities that we (mainly Sims) did then. While Jason and I were busy taking care of newborn Merritt, Sims did all sorts of special things.

A week after Merritt was born, Sims' preschool took a field trip to a nearby pumpkin patch.  Thankfully, my mom was able to be Sims' chaperone.

The next week, Sims went to the state fair with my mom, Neely and Isla.  The kids had a blast, and Sims got to experience carnival rides for the first time.  He even rode a roller coaster!

Sims is in the front seat of his first coaster ride.  Brave kid!

Sims still wanted to visit the pumpkin patch we always go to as a family.  I think he didn't want to miss playing in the huge corn crib.  So we took a trip there with Mom and Smith.  There are no pictures of Merritt on this trip because she slept the whole time.  It was her first farm visit, but she didn't see a thing.  Next year!

For Halloween, Sims wanted to be Jake the pirate (from Jake and the Neverland Pirates). He loves pirates right now, and he had a great time being Jake.  It was also an easy costume for us, since he could use a lot of what we already had around the house.

Merritt didn't wear a costume, but she was still dressed for the occasion in her Peek A Boo ghost onesie.

Sims got to wear his costume to parties at our church and his school.  He really got into trick or treating this year and did a great job.  In a couple of years, he will have a trick or treating partner!

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  1. wonderful fall for you all, but especially for sims. looks like he had a ball at all of the events.