Friday, January 9, 2015

Halloween 2014

So, I guess it's time to catch you up with our activities from the past few months!  I will start with Halloween, even though it seems like that was ages ago.

Sims decided a couple of months before Halloween that he wanted to be a bat, which we all thought was a great idea.  Jason and I had so many fantastic ideas for Merritt's costume.  Many that involved quirky pop culture references, which we would have loved.  In the end, we nixed those (for the sake of time) and decided that she would be an owl.  So both of the kids were flying creatures of the night!

Sorry for the terrible photo quality, but it's all we have.  Both costumes were super easy (my favorite kind).  We lucked up with the fabric for Merritt's costume, which saved us a ton of time.  Sims loved the bat wings and wore them around for quite a while afterwards.  They were a bit snug in the arms, and I really should make him another set that is more comfortable.

Merritt had a party at her daycare, and it's always fun to see all of the little bitty kids in their costumes.  She was still in the infant class at the time, so she was one of the big kids.

This was Merritt's first costume, since last year she was just a month old.  I put a Halloween onesie on her then and called it a day.  I think we should have one more year of choosing her costume before she starts to have her own opinions.  We already have so many ideas!  (But let's be honest, we won't start on the costumes until the week beforehand.)

Stay tuned for more updates...

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