Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Year's Goals Update

Since (a little more than) half of the year is already gone, I thought it might be a good time to look back at the goals I made for this year to see how well I am doing.  Before I looked at my New Year's post, I was feeling really good about everything.  Now I realize that I still have some things to work on.

1.  Read the entire bible.  I have been working on this faithfully and am very proud of myself.  I have the bible that is set up into daily readings, and I have not gotten behind for even one day.  Therefore, I am over halfway through it at about 1000 pages out of 1600.  Of course, this reading goal has made it so that I haven't read any other books all year.  I already have a nice pile of books I look forward to reading in 2012.

2.  Keep up my fitness routine.  I have had no problem doing this and have even one-upped my goal.  Not only am I still working out with my fitness group 3 to 4 times a week.  I (and Jason, too) am now running 3 times a week.  We have finally joined a gym (gasp), and I am running at least 6 miles a week.  I am quite proud of myself!

3.  Learn to sew.  Okay, this is where I really have failed.  Not much has been done with the sewing machine for a while.  I will have to do better this fall.  Maybe I will make some holiday pillows or something.  Just thinking about it gets me all excited about doing it!  (And that's really the first step, right?)

4.  First plane ride for Sims, doing special stuff with Sims, etc.  Sims is definitely excited about his first plane ride, which is on Friday!  Actually, we are all excited about this one.  He's also excited about riding his first train and bus on this trip, too.  London or bust!  Once we are home and settled again, I am hoping that we can take him to one of the children's art events at the art museum and maybe a toddler story time at the library.  It might not be super special, but I think he will enjoy it a lot.  I am always looking for ideas of fun stuff for Sims to do, so let me know if you have any ideas.

There was also an addendum to my goals to see my old friends Jana and Siobhan.  We need to start planning that NOW!  2011 will be over before we know it!

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