Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mother-Son Night

On Monday night, Sims and I attended Chick-Fil-A's Mother-Son Date Knight.  The mother of one of Sims' classmates told me about it, and I'm so glad that she did.  It was a totally different Chick-Fil-A experience than normal.  We got reservations for 6:30, and when we got there, the greeter showed us to our seats, where the tables had tablecloths (albeit plastic ones) and flowers.  We sat with Sims' friend and mother and their neighbor and son.  The server came and took our order at the table just like a regular restaurant. 

I had been a little worried that Sims wouldn't eat any of the food.  Even though I was partially right about that (Sims only ate one of his chicken nuggets), we still had a lot of fun.  They handed the kids balloon swords, and Sims was so excited about the balloon!  As we left, the mothers were given a long stemmed red rose.

The boys, also, played in the indoor playground, which was a first for Sims.  He loved it!  He needed me to teach him how to climb up to the top (it was slightly difficult for the little ones), but once he got it, he was up and down and all around that thing.

As much fun as it was with Sims' friend and mother, it made me realize that Sims is at the age, where having a mother-son (or father-son) night out would be a lot of fun.  Just the two of us.  Actually having a conversation!  How can he be that old already?!

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