Tuesday, November 1, 2011

British Royal Guard

Since Sims loved the British Royal Guard (or "Marching Men" as he calls them) so much in London and still talks about them and gets excited to see pictures of them, it was a no-brainer what he should be for Halloween this year.  I think all the effort it took to make the costume was worth it.  He loved being a Marching Man!

Halloween evening was a wash out, literally.  It was cold and rainy, but he did get to trick or treat at 3 houses.  Luckily, Sims had worn his costume to 2 parties over the weekend.  His daycare had a party on Friday, and the church had one of Sunday evening.  The church party was great!  After doing some singing and dancing (well, Sims just watched everyone else do that.), there was a costume parade to the Capitol building and back.  Sims even marched most of the way there.

And a video:

All that marching wore this little Royal Guard out!

We are now all exhausted from our big Halloween weekend!


  1. It's a good thing that all the princesses on the parade had a guard!

  2. loved the video of the marching man...

  3. I love my little marching man....and his parents too!

  4. Adorable beyond words!!!

  5. where did you get the outfit

  6. I made the outfit. It was a red t-shirt with a black turtleneck underneath. The hat was posterboard with fake fur attached to it with hem tape. There was also a balloon in the top of the hat to help the fur stay rounded.