Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving in Charlotte

We had a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving.  We celebrated on Wednesday in Charlotte with Jason's family, then we went to Shelby on Thursday to celebrate with my family.  It sounds really busy, but it was actually really laid-back.

While we were in Charlotte, we visited the Charlotte Nature Museum, which was lots of fun.  It is a small museum, but is was perfect for an afternoon visit before our big Thanksgiving dinner.  We started our visit with a puppet show about a bear who decides that he wants to celebrate Christmas, so his friends wake him up from hibernating in time to celebrate.  Santa even visits the animals in the forest, which was a big hit with the kids, as you might imagine.

This was Sims' first puppet show, and he seemed to enjoy it.  When Santa came out, all of the kids exploded with excitement.  Even though Sims can be quite stoic when he encounters new experiences, he definitely showed a little excitement at seeing Santa.  He's finally getting the whole Santa thing, I think.

Looking at the turtles

Pretty much the entire time at the museum, I'm sure that Sims looked up to see me with the camera to my face and Jason with the video camera.  I guess this will be his view of us at every event for many years to come.

Outside the museum, we found what we could only assume was a fairy house with pumpkins all around it.  Sims loved to pretend-eat the pumpkins.

Then we headed back home for Thanksgiving dinner.  We were sad that some of the family couldn't make it, since our nephew wasn't feeling well.  They definitely missed a delicious meal!

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