Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Pageant

We had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  It was so fantastic that I have been too busy to post any updates for a while.  I am in the process of fixing that.  I will be in overdrive this week to catch everyone up on our last few weeks of 2011.

A couple of weeks before Christmas, Sims was a lamb in our church's Christmas pageant.  We were happy that he was allowed to be in the pageant at 2 and a half years old, when most of the kids start at age 3.  We felt that he was ready, and he definitely seemed to be.  I'm sure it helped that he had his good buddy Amelia as a lamb with him.  He pretty much just followed whatever Amelia did.

Sims is in the front row in the center.

One of Sims' older friends, Mary Katherine, was an angel, and Sims still talks about Mary Katherine being an angel.  Many times when he seems a drawing of an angel in a book, he calls it Mary Katherine.

During rehearsal, Sims and Amelia made themselves comfortable in the church aisle.  Amelia laid down in the aisle, and her shadow had to follow her!

They had so much fun together!

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