Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen - Before

The kitchen remodel has started as of yesterday!  In one day, they took out all the kitchen cabinets and about half of the floor. What a change!  Before I show you the pictures of what it looks like now, I wanted to show you some before pics.  I am going to show you a lot of angles of the kitchen and sunroom.  Some of these pictures are fairly dark, which is an honest representation of our kitchen.  That is one of many things that will be changing!
From the dining room

From the side door with the door to the living room open
For comparison purposes: same as above except door to living room closed and cute boy in center
From sunroom entry (Yes, that's a tent and tunnel in my living room. See cute boy above.)
From sunroom, looking into kitchen

So, why did I show you pictures of our sunroom?  Well, we are changing the flooring in the kitchen, sunroom and pantry to match the hardwood floors in the dining room.  It should warm up the sunroom a lot, and, hopefully, make it feel like another room in our house.  With the linoleum floors, it never felt really homey.

The kitchen is getting shaker style off-white cabinets with gorgeous white spring granite, which is a light colored granite with gray veins and reddish-brown accents.  The stained wood trim in the kitchen is going to stay.  We just can't part with it.  We haven't picked out the new paint color yet.  I can tell you that it won't be apple green!  I am so happy to see that go.

We are also getting all new lighting that extends farther than the kitchen and sunroom: canned lights and center light in kitchen, small chandelier over sink, replacing fans in sunroom  and living room and vaulted ceiling area of kitchen, chandelier in dining room, lights in foyer and hall, and front exterior lights. 

Big changes are happening around here!

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