Thursday, April 5, 2012

Party and Hockey

Last Saturday was a big day for Sims.  One of his best friends at school had his birthday party at the Museum of Life and Science in Durham.  We had never been there, but I had heard great things about it.  We were all excited about going, and it did not disappoint!  They have a little bit of everything there.  They have a miniature steam train that gives rides around the park.  They have barnyard animals, life size dinosaur replicas, a butterfly house, and musical instruments to play.  That's just what is outside!  We didn't even get a chance to explore inside (except we did quickly walk through the weather room, and I showed Sims a cumulonimbus cloud.  Yeah, I'm a nerd.) 

Sims had a lot of fun at the party with his school friends.  He even held hands with the birthday boy, and there is just nothing cuter than that!

We all loved the museum and can't wait to go back to spend more time.  It definitely could be a full day event.

We left the party to grab some dinner before we took Sims to his first hockey game!  We had been preparing him for the noise, so whenever we would mention we were going to watch hockey, he said, "It's gonna be loud."  I'm so glad that we prepared him though because it really was loud!  Luckily, it didn't phase him a bit.

It didn't take him long to learn that after you hear 3 horns in a row, everyone yells, "Let's go, Canes!"  He even paid attention for most of the first period, which I thought was really great.  He needed to walk around a little for the beginning of the second period, and we left at the end of that period.  It was just too late for the little guy. 

Unfortunately, the Hurricanes lost, and it was a shut out.  We hated that he never got to hear the big horn blow when the Hurricanes get a goal.  Next time, hopefully.  Too bad that won't be until next season, since this was one of the very last home games.  (Why do we always take him to a game at the very end of the season?  We did this with the NC State baseball game last year.  Now, that's next on our list.  We have got to go to another baseball game before this season ends.)

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