Monday, April 30, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

On Friday evening we finally made it to an NC State baseball game!  I woke up Friday morning and thought we better get to a baseball game soon because the season ends in a couple of weeks.  So we made it happen.  Sims was so excited when I picked him up from school and told him we were going to the game.  He told me he was going to pitch, then he showed how he would pitch with an invisible ball.  So maybe we have a future baseball pitcher on our hands.

NC State vs. Duke

We met Justin, Lori and their daughter there, so Sims had a friend to play with, once he got bored with the game.  Sims was very interested in the game for the first 3 innings.  He was watching it so intently in the beginning of the game that whenever Violet would try to get his attention, he would point to the game without taking his eyes off it.  In a "I'm watching the game" kind of way.

Serious Sims pointing at the game with ticket in hand

Of course, he finally had enough of the game, and they jumped and danced and yelled and had a big time together.

When Mr. Wuf came by he was so excited and started talking about the high five he got last year. I'm still amazed that he remembers that. Well, he had to get another high five and give Mr. Wuf a hug.

Sims must have been exhausted that day because he was showing obvious signs of this by 8:00.  When we got home, he conked out in no time flat.  I think that means it was a great day!

On a side note, it was the last day of classes, which was the same day we went to the baseball game last year.  A silly coincidence, but I thought it was interesting.  Maybe this will be a new tradition for us at the end of every spring semester.

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