Monday, May 2, 2011

Sims' First Baseball Game

On Friday night, we joined some friends to watch the Wolfpack baseball team play Maryland.  This was not only Sims' first baseball game, but it was actually the first time he attended a game of any sport!  It was also Jason's and my first Wolfpack baseball game.  We all had a wonderful time!

Our seats were great and cheap.  We were behind the net, which makes me feel a little safer but makes taking photos more difficult.

Sims watched the game for about an hour before getting antsy, which really amazed me.  We didn't really have any expectations for how he was going to be.  He seemed to like it enough that we will have to do this again!

The Wolfpack's mascot Mr. Wuf made an appearance.  He gave Sims a high five, and he's been talking about it ever since.

As we were leaving the game, a fire truck drove up.  We stopped to wave, and they turned on the lights and let Sims sit in the truck. 

The firefighters were so nice!  It was truly the icing on the cake of a great night!

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