Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sims' Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was not only Memorial Day Weekend.  It was also Sims' Birthday Weekend!  He officially turned 2 years old on Memorial Day, but we celebrated all weekend.  I can't possibly cover all the fun we had in one post, so expect a few posts on this.

We started our celebration on Saturday at the NC Zoo, where we had his party.  Most of the family was able to join us for Sims' first zoo experience.  Be prepared for picture overload!

The party started with lots of game stations, where the kids could have some free play time.  Sims had both of his cousins and one friend at the party.  They had plenty to keep them busy.

There was an educational part of the party, where everyone learned a little about the African animals.  It was interesting even for the adults.

Tickling Grand with an ostrich feather
Then they brought in an oppossum for everyone to oooh and aaaah over.

After that, it was time to eat!

The birthday boy definitely liked the cake and ice cream!  Once we were done, Sims opened gifts, then it was time to go back to the zoo.

I will share more pictures of the zoo and the rest of the weekend later this week.

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  1. aah... great pictures to recall a wonderful day spent at the zoo with family and friends. what fun it was.