Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Morning with Sims

Most mornings before work, I don't get a lot of time to play with Sims.  Jason feeds him breakfast and plays with him, while I am getting ready.  When Jason gets ready, I am busy getting lunch together and getting Sims ready.  On those special days when Sims wakes up extra early, I get a chance to play with him, too.  This morning was one of those mornings.  I even got a chance to take some pictures.

Please ignore the baby next to him.  Sims calls her, "Isla."
Playing "night-night."  He's really into pillows lately.
Making silly faces
Cheesy smile
Tickle Monster
I could get used to mornings like this.  Unfortunately, that means Jason would have to get up earlier everyday.  It's so much fun though!


  1. He gets cuter every day- if that's possible. Looks like a perfect morning.

  2. what a great way to start the day. thanks for taking the great pictures and sharing them with us.