Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun Walk

At lunch today, my fitness group participated in a Fun Run/Walk event on campus.  We wore costumes (mainly hat costumes) and did a 30 second dance in front of judges, as well as walking.  It was super silly but actually lots of fun.  We wore hats that represented the disciplines in which we work.  Mine was this:

This earned me the nickname Thunderbolt by some of my co-workers.  But the little bit of humiliation was worth it when our team won the Most Creative Costumes Award!

We represented Meteorology (obviously); Christmas tree farming; Parks, Recreation & Tourism; Fisheries & Wildlife; and Marine Science.  I think we will do it again next year, and we've already gotten some ideas of what to do differently then.  (Like not to wear red with the rest of the Wolfpack Nation.  We need to stand out more!)

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