Wednesday, May 28, 2014


We had such a great Easter.  This year the Easter Bunny filled 2 baskets, and we got to spend a great day with my family.

The day started early for us, since we had to wake up extra early for Sims to have time to go through his Easter basket before church.

They both received a few items of clothing and books.  Merritt's basket also had baby food, beginner's sippy cups, bibs and toys.  Sims' had lego figures and set, stickers, Planes action figures, and candy.  I think that the baskets were a hit.

When Sims saw Merritt in her Easter outfit, he said with amazement, "She looks like a princess!"  It was so sweet.  My heart melts a little just remembering it. 

After church, we went to Mom and Smith's house and spent the rest of the day hanging out and hunting eggs.  The weather was perfect, and Sims and Isla had the best time on the egg hunt.

Once they found them all, they hid them again and again.  They finally decided hiding them wasn't fun anymore, so they started throwing them into the landscaping to see how many them could hide there.

A few weeks later, we found a couple of eggs that were still hiding in the yard.  Luckily, they were plastic eggs.

Merritt enjoyed watching all the action from the sidelines this year.  Next year, she'll be ready to join the big kids in the hunt!

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