Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sims' 5th Birthday

When it came time to think about what kind of party Sims wanted for this 5th birthday, we explored so many options like bounce houses and museums.  But for some reason, I was ready for us to do a more homemade, creative party this year.  On our third or fourth time reading Neil Gaiman's Fortunately the Milk to Sims, it hit me.  We should do a party based on this book!  Sims and Jason loved the idea, so we started to plan.

Since none of Sims' friends had read the book, we decided to give them the book with the invitation.  So we designed the invitations to be bookmarks as well.  Jason drew all the art for the invitation, and I love all the details that he added.

Front and Back
We decided to have a morning party where we could serve breakfast cereal, which was inspired by the book.  Having a morning party is definitely the way to go.  We were cleaning up around noon and had the rest of the day to relax.

The centerpiece for the food table was Professor Steg in a Floaty Ball Person Carrier, of course!  (If you don't know what I am talking about, then you need to read the book!  It's brilliant!)

This was the first party where we had to plan activities for the kids.  I wasn't sure what to expect.  For our first activity, the kids decorated spaceships.

I made spaceships out of paper plates and bowls, and we had markers and stickers for the decorations.  After they were finished decorating them, they threw them frisbee-style through hanging hula hoops that we referred to as the space-time continuum.

This was a much bigger hit than I would have imagined.  The kids really liked throwing them back and forth.  This could have entertained them for a long while.

Our next activity was Pin the Eye on Splod.  (Once again, you really should read the book!)  It was like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but better.  Actually, when I say better, I mean an awesome focal point to our party that Jason spent many hours on.

Each child had a "stone" or "eye" to place in the right spot on Splod.  I don't think many, if any, of the kids had ever played Pin the Tail on the Donkey before, so it seemed new to all of them.

Then it was time for cereal and fruit!  We got a bunch of cereals that we wouldn't typically have at home, so it was super special for Sims.

After eating, the kids did their final activity.  They had to walk the plank over shark infested waters to pull a string on the pinata.

The sharks were inflatable, and the kids liked jumping in the "water" and playing with the sharks as much as walking the plank.

We got one of the pinatas that opens by pulling strings, and only one of the strings will actually make it open.  Well, it sounds better than it was, since none of the strings actually opened it enough for the loot to fall out.  But the kids enjoyed it anyway.

Before the party dispersed, we had cake.  Sims had 2 identical cakes - one was labeled Birthday Cake and the other was Birthday Cake from 15 minutes ago.  Both were delicious.

I think Sims and his friends really enjoyed the party.  I was so happy that the activities all worked out well enough, since we were rookies at that.  I know that we all enjoyed being creative and planning all the details for the party.  And we love that so many of Sims' friends love Fortunately the Milk.  It's always nice to share good books with friends!

And now we have a 5 year old!  Here he is the day after his birthday at my niece's wedding.

We are so proud of our big guy!


  1. It was a perfect party for a most wonderful little boy.

  2. Neil Gaiman approved. He tweeted the link to the blog, that's how I got here. Anyway it looked like a great party, a bit pat on the back to all involved!

  3. Yep, I'm here because NG tweeted the link too. It looks like a fantastic party, I particularly love the space-time continuum idea - perfect! Kids often seem to love what we might think of as "old fashioned" games way more than all the expensive party paraphenalia so a big thumbs up for going the "home made" route with imagination aplenty (and for giving out books with the invites - what's not to love about that?!)

  4. Fantastic party idea! Wish I had thought of it ;)

  5. Fantastic! I came via Neil's tweet. Made me wish I was (or had) a 5 y.o so I could have a party like this!

  6. What fun! You all are so creative! A very special day for a special kid!