Friday, June 27, 2014

Merritt at 8 months

It's been a while since I've done a Merritt update.  A lot has changed since I updated about her months ago!  She has learned so much and is busy learning more.  She is now 8 and a half months old!

At about 6 and a half months, she began to sit on her own and quickly became a master at that.

At 7 months she started to do an army crawl to get around.  This may not seem like a very efficient way of moving, but she is fast!  She has crawled the "normal" way a few times, but she quickly goes back to the army crawl.  At this point, I don't think she will every do the traditional crawl.  She is very happy with the army crawl!

Now at 8 months, she is pulling up to stand.  She is working so hard on this and is doing a great job.  She is even trying to stand up without the help of anything.  She's not quite there yet.  That will take a bit more time.

She loves to play peek-a-boo and be tickled.  She will just cackle!  I even caught Sims and Merritt playing together this weekend.  They were both laughing so much!  Merritt was on one side of the coffee table, and Sims was playing something like peek-a-boo on the other side with him going from one side of the coffee table to the other.  She would move around and try to catch him.  They were having so much fun.  I tried to get the camera to record it, but, of course, it was over before I could get the camera ready.  I felt like I was seeing a glimpse into the future with both of them playing together.  It was a wonderful sight to see!

We are so thankful for this happy baby!


  1. merritt is in a league of her own.... you had better get some track shoes if you are going to keep up with this young lady.

  2. Such a sweetheart. Love her SO much.