Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Aneela and Armadillo

We had so much fun hanging out with Aneela and catching up with what's been happening in her life as a Ph.D. student at UGA.  I think Sims also enjoyed having a new friend to whom he could show all of his toys.  (This was, of course, after he got over his shyness.  Or was he being flirty?)  While she was here, there was one thing we had to do - go to Armadillo Grill!

We missed our friend Becky, but we did raise queso laden chips in her honor.  We also had to have a picture of us doing the Clay Aiken pose.

I realize that this needs some explanation.  You see, back in our grad school days Armadillo had a signed photo of Clay Aiken on the wall doing this pose.  (Clay Aiken is from Raleigh, so it's not totally random.)  We laughed so long about why anyone would pose like that to get their picture taken.  This, of course, evolved into a need to have our picture taken in this pose.  We can be so silly when we are together!

We even got Sims to do it.  (Sorry for the bad picture.)

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