Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out and about

This weekend was gorgeous!  We had the most spectacular weather.  It was sunny and in the upper 60s.  What a wonderful taste of spring.  Of course, it made it even harder to wake up on Monday to cloudy skies and back to normal, frigid temps.

We took advantage of the nice weather and went downtown to the NHL All-Star game Fan Fare.  Much more adventurous people than me could test their hockey skills like the All-Stars did on Saturday night.  You could buy hockey paraphernalia, get signatures, and get your picture taken with the Stanley Cup.  I would have liked to get up close and personal with the Stanley Cup, but the wait was 2 hours long!  Yeah, I don't think any of us are that patient.

We watched small kids play hockey (not on ice), and if Sims had been a little older, he would have loved to try it.

The above picture doesn't really show Sims' enthusiasm for the kids playing hockey, but he really did love it.  Below, you can see the totally ridiculous photo of attempting to get a toddler to look at the camera.

We really had a lot of fun, and it made us remember how much we love to go to hockey games.  I guess that will have to be one of our date nights (as if we have so many).  You never know, we may end up going to a lot of hockey games, if Sims ever wants to play.  Of course, he would look just like this.


  1. What fun and what a cute hockey player!

  2. Oh my, I had no idea you both liked hockey (actually, that all 3 of you liked hockey!)!! I also had no idea that there was any place in North Carolina that one could play or watch hockey, let alone see the Stanley Cup. Well, that tells you how out of touch I am with the old north state. oh my! Glad you had such a fun day out!!! (Sims makes an adorable hockey player!)
    T x