Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hockey fan

We don't watch much TV in our house.  Actually when Sims is awake, the television is rarely on.  We really only watch one show, and we watch it after Sims goes to bed.  Jason will watch some games now and then, even when Sims is awake.  Sims ignores this for the most part.  Recently he has started to show some interest in basketball, but his real love is hockey.  This boy loves hockey!  He talks about hockey all the time.  He asks to watch hockey on TV (by pointing at the TV and saying, "Hockey?")  He plays hockey with a wooden spoon as his stick.  He has a book with one page about hockey, and he loves that page so much that we rarely go any further.

TV has created a hockey monster out of Sims.

I will admit that it is really cute to see his excitement when he watches it on TV.  Jason (the enabler) even went on a search one night for a hockey games for Sims to watch.  I didn't even realize they played college hockey games on TV, which is pretty cool.  Sims loved it.

He didn't watch for long, but he was so excited he wouldn't even sit down to watch it or move a few feet away, so he could see the whole screen at one time.  Once the season is over, I guess we will have to check out a lot of hockey books from the library!  That way he can still get his hockey fix.


  1. I just showed this to my husband.

    "Is that a kid?!"

    "Watching college hockey?!"

    "That is bad ass."


    "I hope they have a stick for him."

  2. Right now his hockey stick is a wooden spoon, and his puck is a plastic easter egg. I'm not sure if I'm being cheap or enhancing his imagination.