Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

Our Labor Day weekend was filled with no plans at all!  We just did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted.  The extra day really helped me to relax and enjoy it.  I even got to go out shopping on Saturday morning and came home with a bunch of fall clothes for Sims.

Unfortunately, Sims woke up from his Saturday afternoon nap with one of his eyes oozing a bunch of gunk.  It was pretty nasty looking and only got worse from there.  He seemed to be in good spirits, but we didn't do too much outside of the house because of it.  Sims and I even stayed home from church on Sunday morning.  Just in case he was contagious, I didn't want him to spread it to all the nursery kids.  It was a good thing too, since the doctor told us it was contagious, when we took him in yesterday.  He has an ear infection that is affecting his eyes.  He's now on antibiotics that already seem to help, and his eyes are looking much better today.

Since Sims was acting normal, we did make a short trip to the park to let him run around.  You can see his sad looking eyes.

On Monday, we did some much needed yard work and piddled around the house, which is something I rarely get to do.  It's also nice knowing that it's a short work week!

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