Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Another Santa visit and other Christmas stuff

On Friday, the art museum had a Christmas event for children.  Santa was there, of course, and Sims was much more comfortable this time.  We even got a silly smile out of him!

We even decided to get a family picture with 'ole Saint Nick.

They had a jazz trio playing Christmas music, and Sims loved dancing to it.  He was so serious while dancing.  A little girl came up to him at one point and wanted to hold his hand.  He gave her a look that said, "Can't you see that I'm dancing here?"  It was sweet and funny.

We spent the rest of the weekend putting the final touches on the holiday decorations and baking cookies.  I think Jason took a picture of me baking for proof that I actually made them.

I'm so glad that the house is decorated, and we can now enjoy it!  I love our Christmas tree.  I feel that the tree should go all the way to the ceiling, and this year we actually had to cut some off the top for it to fit.  In other words, it is perfect!  Here are a couple of pictures.  I will hopefully post more later.

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