Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Visit with Santa

Last night, we finally got to visit Santa.  I was very unsure about how Sims was going to react, but we have been preparing for this for a while now.  We've been reading lots of books about Santa.  I've, also, tried to talk about Santa, explaining what to expect on Christmas Day and why Santa comes to visit.  Obviously, it worked!  Sims did great on Santa's lap and waved hello and goodbye to Santa.

I'm so glad that Sims did better than I ever did, considering there are no childhood pictures of me on Santa's lap.  I was scared to death of him!


  1. Sims is really a brave boy. He looks to be one of Santa's helpers with his red and white matching outfit. A great picture for his album.

  2. I told my parents I didn't believe in Santa when I was 4 and they had him come to my house...after that I was a little scared of the guy too :) That Santa seems nice though.