Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sims meets Isla

Finally! Ond Sunday, Sims got to meet his newest cousin. 

The proud grandmother with her 2 grandchildren
 I knew Sims would be happy to see Isla.  He loves babies and is very sweet to one of my childhood dolls with which I let him play.  He always hugs and kisses the doll, and so it was no surprise when he wanted to kiss Isla.

What I wasn't sure about was how he would react when I held Isla.  Jason captured the moment hilarously!

He walked right up to us and immediately wanted to hug her!  Before we could stop him, he was pulling her head close to him to give her a big hug.  Thank goodness babies are flexible!

Alex and Neely seem to be taking parenthood in stride.  Neely was all dressed and looking beautiful!  I think I was still wearing my pajamas all day, when Sims was 2 weeks old.

Isla is such a cutie-pie!  We all just love her so much!

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  1. He is so sweet wanting to hug Isla! Your mom looks wonderful. :)