Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Day

Happy New Year!  I know everyone is ready to move on from Christmas, but I still have more pictures and updates to share.  Please indulge me a little more.

This Christmas was really special, since Sims seemed to kind of get what was going on.  We were all excited about waking up on Christmas morning to see the look on Sims' face when he saw what Santa brought him.

Santa brought him the table and chairs, books, lots of Playmobil figures, and most importantly, the cat you can see in his stocking.  That cat has been a big hit!  He also loves the table and chairs, where he can read, eat snacks and play with all his toys.

After Sims played with the gifts from Santa, we had Moravian sugar bread, which is a Christmas morning tradition in my family.  That is something I look forward to all year!

I followed in my mom's footsteps this year and wore formal wear for Christmas.  My mom started this a few years ago, when we first celebrated Christmas at our house.  She surprised us all by wearing a formal dress, and she's worn one every Christmas since then.  This year I decided that I wanted in on the fun.  Plus, it's not really a celebration unless I'm dressed up!  Technically, I believe my outfit would be more semi-formal, but my skirt did have a small train on it!

If you are wondering what shoes I am wearing, well that's definitely an unexpected part of my outfit.  I started the day wearing heels, but then I unwrapped these beautiful Hunter wellington boots from Jason!  I just had to wear them.

Can you blame me?

We waited all day for snow to start falling.  I was so hoping to see my first white Christmas.  It finally started around 6 or 7 that evening.  I was just happy to see snow on Christmas.  Beggars can't be choosers.  Plus, it kept snowing all night, so we had a white Boxing Day.  There haven't been any songs written about that, but it was still pretty great!

The snow did make us postpone celebrating with Alex, Neely and Isla, but we got to see them on Monday instead.  They were traveling home from Shelby on Sunday in all the snow.  We were just glad that the whole family could get together before Mom and Smith had to leave.  We, unfortunately, did not take many pictures when we were with them, but this one is pretty great of the dads with their babies (even though Isla is not too happy.)

My dad and his wife Wendy came up on Tuesday for a couple of days, and we had so much fun with them!  Dad brought up an old home video of Alex and me, when we were about 5 and 10 years old.  It was fantastic!  Dad's parents were even in the video, and they passed away many years ago.  It made me realize that we need to take more videos of everyone because they are so much fun to watch years later!


  1. Love the boots Maggie! They look stunning with your evening wear - I think the NY fashion scene will love it!

  2. I love the formal wear! How fun. We only had a white Boxing Day. I think there should be songs about it ;)