Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Day and Funny Moments

Yesterday, we had an Ice Day, which is obviously not as exciting as a Snow Day but I'll take what I can get.  We all stayed home, even though Jason still had to work.  So I got to spend lots of quality time with Sims, which was wonderful!

I have to share a couple of funny moments with Sims.  Last night, Jason was going through some old CDs (circa 1996), and he was listening to a few songs here and there, and we were surprised when Sims would start dancing.  He danced to a Helmet song. (And if you don't know who Helmet is, they play VERY hard rock.  Think headbanger music.)  A few minutes later, we were listening to Yo-Yo Ma, and Sims immediately started a ballet-esque interpretive dance, which ended with a sideways roll on the floor.  We were laughing so hard, and Sims just looked at us very seriously.  If only we had it on camera!

We've also noticed that Sims seems to like folk music.  He will dance whenever a song sounds folky.  This morning we were reading a book that had a banjo in it, and he seemed intrigued.  We looked up banjo music on You Tube (don't you love the internet?), and he loved it!  I guess we're going to have to play more folk music.

Another random moment: This morning, I overheard him saying, "Tickle, tickle, tickle."  He was tickling his stuffed animals!  Too cute!


  1. the ballet move was CLASSIC.. The INSTANT the classical started, He stuck one arm out an got on one leg, then, on purpose fell to the ground and rolled over all dramatic like.. We couldn't stop laughing...


  2. What fun! He is so musically well rounded.

  3. I'm so proud - he's obviously inherited his aunt's love of dance, esp ballet! I'm also inspired - I think I'll go find some Yo Yo Ma and practice a few of my ballet moves...

  4. I wonder what is about folk music...Jenny's oldest LOVES John Denver. She calls him her husband. I would love to see some video of the dance moves.