Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laid-back days

Everything in our household has been very subdued lately with very little happening.  We've spent the past couple of weekends at home mainly, just doing stuff around the house.  We've really enjoyed this after the busy-ness of the holidays.  It's just taking me a while to want to do stuff.  I actually would have never noticed this, if I didn't have this blog.  It wouldn't have even occurred to me that we haven't been "doing" anything lately.  But when I realized that I have nothing to really report on the blog, I thought that maybe we need to DO something this weekend.  Of course, I don't know what we're going to do yet, but we need to do something

Until then, here are a couple of pictures of Sims from this past weekend. 

Sims is looking at our Nerdy Baby flashcards, which include K for Kepler's 3rd Law, S for stratiform cloud formation and Z for zoological oddity.  They are awesome.
Maybe I'll have something new for you next week.  Thanks, blog, for the motivation.


  1. I'd really like to come up and visit sometime in February if you all are free.

  2. Hmm I might need some Nerdy Baby flashcards.