Thursday, January 6, 2011

Speaking Toddler

Even though Sims seems to understand everything we say, he hasn't been the biggest talker.  I mean he babbles a lot, but his vocabulary has been quite limited.  That seems to be changing.  A lot!  He is now picking up a word a day, and it is great to watch (and hear) him learning.  His newest word is tickle.  Whenever we tickle him, we say, "Tickle, tickle, tickle."  He will now say it when he is being tickled, even though sometimes it does sound more like ticky, ticky, ticky.  He will even try to tickle us while saying it.  We just love it!

It also seems that he is trying to talk more in sentences.  Of course, we can't understand what he is saying, since we are not fluent in Toddler.  (Too bad Rosetta Stone doesn't offer that!)  But we are learning.  We are starting to realize that he really hasn't been babbling.  He understands himself totally.  We just don't understand his accent yet.  We're getting there!

Some of his other new words are meow, owl, mouth, wreath, and Isla.  We are trying to keep a running list at home, but it is hard to keep up!

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