Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Down East

I still have more photos to show you from our trip down east.  These are from our adventures outside of Edenton. On Sunday, we took a trip across the sound to Somerset Place and Phelps Lake.  We went in the morning because it was blazing hot.  Somerset Place was one of the largest plantations in the upper South at one time.  Unfortunately, it wasn't open, but we walked around the grounds and met some new friends. 

I thought this was a much nicer way to direct everyone to the restrooms.

After we explored around Somerset Place, we walked over to Phelps Lake.  This lake is pretty large at around 5 x 8 miles.  It's also really shallow.  The max depth is 9 feet.  As we watched this group put their boat in the water, we were amazed at how shallow it was even around the dock.  In this picture the boat was at least 20 feet from the dock.

We were so jealous of these people.  If we had brought our swim suits, I think we would have broken the rules and swum off of the dock.  Supposedly the water is crystal clear, when you get away from the shore.  This would definitely be a fun place to return to with a boat.

The next day, we drove to Elizabeth City to visit the Dismal Swamp State Park.  We didn't get to explore much of the park (Did I mention that it was hot?), but we did a quick tour of the visitor center and walked on a 1/4 mile loop trail.  To get to the visitor center, you have to cross the Dismap Swamp Canal.

At the visitor center, we got to touch a lot of the stuffed, wild animals that are native to the area.  We probably weren't supposed to touch them, but we felt daring and petted badgers and the like.  Sims got to get up close and personal with a bear.

They became fast friends.

Sims hugging the bear

The drive to Elizabeth City was like being in Kansas or Oklahoma.  I haven't seen farms like that, since my road trip out west.  At one point we drove by at least 5 straight miles of corn.  It was never ending!  It was so pretty, but I definitely did not feel like I was in North Carolina.  I had no idea we had a mini Mid-West around here, which goes to show that I need to explore more of my state!

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