Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Books, "cooking," and feeding puppies

I have a small confession to make.  I have an addiction.  To buying children's books.  I am especially enamored with children's books from the 50s and 60s.  Even though I do have a penchant for ones from the 70s and 80s, too.  Of course, I also can't pass up ones that I know Sims would love.  A week ago I made a trip to the thrift store just to buy them.  Behold my booty plunder:

A couple of them are ones that I knew Sims would love immediately, like the Dr. Seuss, Sandra Boynton (we're huge Boynton fans here), and Trucks.  He had just learned about Jonah in his Sunday school class, so I thought a book about it would reinforce it. 

This is obviously one for me.  I had never heard of Donna Parker before, but I knew I had to have it.  It sounds like a knock-off Nancy Drew.  I've now done a bit of research on it, and this book is #5 in a 7 book series.  I think I need to have them all.  (I told you I was addicted.)

All of the Golden Books range from the 60s to the 80s, and Sims loves some of them as much as I do.  It's Bedtime was one that Alex had when he was little, so I had to buy it.  Jason thinks that I am crazy for being sentimental about my brother's stuff, but I am.  I got all of these books for less than $5, so I don't feel too bad about the fact that we don't have enough bookshelf space in my house for them all.  Plus, Sims gets to reap the rewards.

Now that I've bored you with all the details of that, I'll move right along.  Sims has gotten really into wanting to help cook or "cook."  Even this morning, he helped me make sandwiches for Jason's and my lunches, and he was excited about it.  Last night, he did a bit of his own "cooking."

Block soup, perhaps?  I just love to see his imagination taking shape.  My imagination got a little workout last night, also.  When it was time for dinner, Sims would NOT let go of his puppies.  Since his meal involved ketchup, he couldn't eat while holding them.  So the only way I could figure out to get him to eat was to let his puppies eat, too.

The puppies got cheerios, and Sims had chicken nuggets and oranges.  He seemed fine with that.  I love this age!


  1. great post!

    Aww, it *looks* like Sims is actually eating dinner...

  2. Adorable! lucky puppies - they get to eat on the table!

  3. the borders in apex is closing--all the books are on sale. go go go!

  4. I always hate to hear about a bookstore closing, but I don't mind taking advantage of the good deals!

  5. I have the Donna Parker books! I am particularly found of Donna Parker at Cherrydale. You can always email me if you need suggestions if Sims is interested in a particular topic ;) I will keep my eye out for some Donnas when I am at the book trader.