Thursday, March 24, 2011

What I am loving

These are some of the things that I am loving right now:

1. Our lawn in our backyard.  Yes, you heard that right.  Not only do we have grass back there, but I would categorize it as a lawn.  It is lush and beautiful and everything that I imagined it could be.  (To see the desert that it was in September, go here.)

2. The beautiful weather.  We did yard work this weekend in shorts and t-shirts.

3. The new green in the trees.

4. Watching Sims be curious and excited about the world around him.

Looking at flowers
Reaction to seeing Jason use the leaf blower
5. Wine on the deck while Sims plays on the lawn.

6. Eating dinner (and snacks) on the deck.

What are you loving now?

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  1. A) This Post
    B) This Blog
    C) Our Green Lawn
    D) My reading project